Louise Suggs

A Letter from Mike Whan

Dear Teaching and Club Professionals,
It is with heavy, heavy hearts that we inform you of the passing of one of our 13 Founders, Louise Suggs.  Few if any words seem worthy enough to describe such an extraordinary individual who over decades of time made such a significant impact not only on the LPGA, but also on the advancement of women’s golf and women’s sports.  Like all of our Founders, she was a trailblazer with a bold vision far ahead of her time. 
Louise had been an integral part of the LPGA family – not just during her playing years – but throughout the organization’s 65-year history.  For Louise, the LPGA was very much like her family, and she gave it the utmost respect and honor far beyond the golf course.  In recent years, there was hardly an LPGA event of significance without Louise in attendance retelling — in her signature unabridged fashion — some of the LPGA’s greatest and funniest historical moments. 
Louise cared deeply about and for the LPGA and she never relinquished her high expectations for the organization, its members and its future.  She pushed all of us to think bigger and aim higher.  For those of us who had the privilege of knowing Louise, we know too well that when we strive to “Act like a Founder” we are without question aiming, perhaps a bit wishfully, to follow in her footsteps.  
Louise lived and breathed the “Act Like a Founder” mentality.  She relentlessly did her best to ensure that our Tour, and today and tomorrow’s players, upheld these critically important values, simply because it was the right thing to do. 
Louise was born in 1923 in Atlanta, Georgia, and before turning professional in 1948 she had a stellar amateur career, winning the US Women’s Amateur, Women’s British Amateur, and four professional events (as an amateur).  As one of the 13 Founders of the LPGA, she had a historical LPGA career, with 61 wins, including 11 major championships.  During the time period from 1950 – 1960, she finished in the Top-3 on the season-ending money list in all but one of those years.  In addition to her stellar playing career, Louise served as President of the Tour from 1955-1957.
Quote from Louise……"Golf is very much like a love affair. If you don't take it seriously, it's no fun, but if you do, it breaks your heart. Don't break your heart, but flirt with the possibility.”
Louise realized possibilities that many of us could only dream of.  Her passing breaks our hearts, but she remains one of the greats of women’s golf, and her bold vision will continue to inspire many generations to come. 
Today, more than ever, try to live your life with an “Act Like A Founder” approach – Louise would have demanded nothing less. God bless our wonderful leader, who left this game SO MUCH BETTER than she found it!
The link below is short video that showcases some wonderful moments with Louise – hope you enjoy.
Mike Whan
LPGA Commissioner 

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Backswing, Lower body foundation and sequence

I confess  many of my students & I have worked on this topic. Many golfers can really benefit by trying to apply the solid foundation Jordan Spieth has in his backswing. This is how a better coil is made on the backswing which is our power source.  It begins at the address position, by building a solid base in the hips, legs and feet the upper body can be more relaxed. I am not asking you to swing just like him but within your body's capability to create a good foundation. Take a look only at the lower body on the backswing, we do not see much lower body movement at all. We see a great wind up of the upper body over the braced lower body. This is a great first step in learning to use the lower body to initiate the downswing, this will allow the arms to be in the correct sequence. Please don't get over technical about the whole swing, understand the concept, yes. As far as accomplishing the complete swing, first begin by making a better backswing. This may give you just the right position to create a reaction into a better forward swing through the ball to a well balanced finish. See you soon, Julie