What They Found: Testimonials

I am writing on behalf of Julie Brown, LPGA professional. Having heard a neighbor rave about success in correcting his golf swing under Julie's instruction, a small group of friends and I signed up for instruction as true beginners to the game. Within a few short sessions, Julie converted this tennis player into a lover of the game of golf; and the lessons continue! Julie has an easy way with people and is able to simplify/teach the components of the swing and game with great clarity. Her balanced use of visuals, demonstration, teaching manipulatives and active participation provides a relaxed, fun and uncomplicated approach to learning this wonderful game. Julie is able to individualize a small group lesson allowing each student to move forward at their own level and pace. I am repeatedly amazed at Julie's diagnostic skills which she is able to pair with the correction or next step of instruction to allow forward progress and success. As a twenty year student of the game of tennis I have seen a full range of instructors, both effective and ineffective for varying reasons. How fortunate I am to have heard my neighbor rave about Julie's expertise and to have found such a fun and effective professional golf instructor on the first try. I'm hooked on the game and can't help but appreciate hearing Julie's voice in my head as I address the ball to tee off, chip or putt. Julie would be a wonderful addition to any instructional staff and I hope countless others have the good fortune to know her and to benefit from her professional expertise in the game of golf.

Most Sincerely, C Lang

Julie, with your considerable help I think I have finally turned the corner with my golf game. Since my most recent lessons from you, my scores have dropped about seven to eight strokes a round. My driving distance is up 25 to 40 yards, my mid range and short game is better. My overall confidence is much improved.

When I first came to you for help, I had so many bad habits. I was very frustrated because I was practicing, but getting no better. Your lessons have made such a difference. I now, for the first time, know what I am doing right and wrong. I have much more confidence in my swing. With your visual feedback program, I was able to see the problem and work on improving it. Your lessons have been an excellent roadmap for me to follow. By no means do I think I have this golf thing conquered, but I now have an excellent foundation to build on. Thanks for all your help. I will be in touch.

Charlie L

I wanted to write you to express my appreciation for your significant assistance in helping me to become more comfortable playing golf. As you recall, I am taking up the game in my 60's and have postponed playing because of a disabled left
shoulder. I learned of you through the USGA Handicap web site and your encouragement and staying within my limitations has changed my game from a frustrating, unpredictable event to a more pleasant, fulfilling experience.

I thank you for your patience in applying your significant teaching skills in such an encouraging fashion.

Sidney K

I began playing golf at the age of five and over the years I've had lessons from several different golf professionals; some of them are well known, and yet, I've never had a teacher make the golf swing so simple to execute as you, Julie!

You are a gifted teacher who has an obvious love for people and has a love and respect for the game of golf. You creatively customize your teaching methods to meet the needs of each student. I've had tremendous success in the way I hit the ball because you spoke my language!

Mrs. Polly B
Woodmont Golf and Country Club  Women's Club Champion

A year ago I had the opportunity to take five lessons from you on the golf swing. During the lessons you were able to get me to understand several basic principals of the swing that had eluded me throughout my golfing career. You improved my set up, my ability to get the club on the proper plane, and the most fun thing of all, the ability to smoke the ball a lot further. Finally someone had shown me how to properly lever my upper body against my lower half.

The lessons resulted in longer, straighter shots hit more often. Perhaps the most consistent thing about golf is its inconsistency. But despite my not having the time to play more than just a few times per month, my swing has held up pretty well for the past year, a fairly long time in golf cycles. When the swing has faltered a bit, You taught me some self-corrective measures that help me to regain my good swing after a few good practices.

Consequently, I am pleased to recommend you to anyone who wants to learn more about the game regardless of their age or ability.

Ben K