Want a Better Game?

We all have heard facts about where the most strokes in golf come from, shots hit from 100 yards and less into the green. It is true. Have you ever kept track of the exact number of putts you make in a hole round? How many sand saves, how many up & down vs. the number of shots hit to within 100 yards of the green. There maybe a par 4 you find doubtful to reach in 2 shots but if you make a good approach shot and have only 1 putt…it’s a par. What a bonus! It gives you credit for missing a shot along the way to the green. You may not hit all the par 3’s in one but you can still make a par, or even a birdie with a good short game. Find a way around the course without putting pressure on your tee shots.

When you visit a practice area, have you noticed what area is used the most? Facts are in, the long range is used much more often than the short game area. Try out the specialty wedges that will help you create the shots you need in all the different situations you meet on the course. Make a game of it, keep it interesting, get a practice partner, play for points closest to the hole. Simulate what occurs on course, it’s a dress rehearsal.

The short swings around the green require the same fundamentals as the swing made to hit the long shots. Get comfortable with the fundamentals around the green, you will develop a better feel as well as build them into your full swing. Think of it as practicing both parts of your game at the same time. You save time and lower your scores quicker. 

If you want to enjoy your game more and lower your scores begin with the short game. Your scores will drop fast. Then you can develop a plan to build a repeating swing for your long game. Going to the range to see how well you can hit the ball perfect every time is a practice that will groove bad habits. Find a plan that will produce a reliable shot pattern. You will discover your full golf potential when you practice with a purpose.